How should my work be submitted in terms of processing and peak values?

My preference is to receive work with little or no mix-buss processing, especially limiting, at the project's original bit depth and sample rate.  Peak values ideally should be no higher than -4 DB.  Render/bounce/export .wav or .aif files at 24 or 32 bit in the project's existing sample rate. It's not a problem to submit files at different rates. 

Can I get a sample of your work on my project before I commit?

I'm always willing to do 1 piece of music of 5 minutes or less, no fee, as an audition. 

How should I send you files?

Send links to files using your preferred file-sharing service or contact me if sending physical media. Or, come to the session and bring them in person.

How do I receive finished work?

Finished work can be returned via my Dropbox account, your preferred service , and/or USPS when needed.

How long can I expect to wait until final delivery?

All projects are completed on a first come first serve basis. Typically work is completed in 3-7 days from the time files arrive.  Please be specific when hard deadlines must be met during the initial planning phase of your project.

How do I play the finished files?

Once a version of your master is ready you'll be provided a download link, auth code and instructions for using the Sonoris DDP player  Or, simply play the individual files in a player of your choice. Once the master is complete to your satisfaction alternate file-types will be uploaded as-per your requirements (vinyl ready, lossy, DDP/CD, high-resolution).