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What determines exact rates?

Starting at $75 for a regular length track, $650 for full album.

This can change depending on the following:

Total length of the track or project. Total number of tracks. 

Instrumental and a cappella versions, working from stems, extensive revisions, prepping files for a vinyl cut, remixing after mastering has begun, all add costs. 

Revisions to my work, within reason, I don't typically charge.

You won't be invoiced for anything unexpected. I'm not into beating people up for $.

I've been on both sides of this equation and want to make sure you're stoked when it's all said and done.

Contact me to discuss:

How should files be prepared when submitting for mastering?

My preference is to receive work with little or no limiting and widening fx, at the project's original sample rate, ideally at 24, 32 or 32 float bit depth. It's not a problem to submit files at different sample rates. If you have heavily processed mixes for use as reference points include them as well.

Can I get a sample of your work on my project before I commit?

I'm always willing to master 1 piece of music for new clients, 5 minutes or less, no fee. 

How should I send you files?

Send links to (preferably) zipped folders/files using your preferred file-sharing service or contact me if sending physical media for an address. Or, come to the session and bring them in person.

How do I receive finished work?

Finished work will be returned via my Wetransfer account, your preferred service, or USPS when needed.

How long can I expect to wait until final delivery?

All projects are first come first serve unless arranged otherwise. Typically work is completed in less than a week.  Be specific if you have deadlines during initial discussions.

How do I play the finished files?

Once your master is ready you'll receive a download link to wav files or a self-contained player/cd-burner DDP fileset. When everything is approved alternate file-types will be uploaded as-per your requirements (vinyl cut-ready, lossy, DDP/CD, high-resolution).

How do  I pay you?

Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, check by snail mail, cash.

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