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Aiden Berglund - Grimson

“Mark is an easy to work with engineer who has an masterful ear, and who always breathes delicacy and depth into my tracks. He’s remains my go-to for all my releases, and I recommend him to all my friends.” 

Musician, Composer with Grimson

Young Jean Lee

I've worked with Mark on 3 projects so far and have been extremely happy with his work. He is enthusiastic, thorough, conscientious, timely, and very, very good at what he does. 2 of my projects had technical issues with the sound recordings and he vastly improved both of them. He has my highest recommendation!

Playwright, Actress, Director & Songwriter

dUg Pinnick

Mark Fuller is an excellent mastering genius. He mastered my albums, "Naked!" and "Joy Bomb". They sound great, have perfect low end and I asked him to sequence Naked, also. He did a perfect job! I would recommend using Mark for your mastering needs!

Bassist & Singer, Songwriter with Kings X, Grinder Blues, KXM, PGP

Bruce Odland

When Mark Fuller puts his ears on your project, you not only get his his full attention, focused by years of experience, technical knowhow, broad sense of the audio cultural context, and laser focus on detail - but you also receive the benefit of his audio aesthetics, musicality, concern for the full compositional spectrum, the ability to enhance the dynamic arc of your music - the sensibility to bring the colors of the music to fruition through subtle equalization - put simply, he has the touch.

Composer & Sound Artist, the O in O+A

Robbi Rob

More than just a mastering expert Mark Fuller is a fine artist who is able to bring out a 3 dimensional air between instruments in a final stereo mix.

Composer, Singer & Guitarist with Tribe After Tribe, 3rd Ear Experience & Three Fish

Kenny James

This is the person I go to for an accurate ear, an honest opinion, inspiration, and friendship. I mention friendship not only because we have known and worked with each other for 20+ years now, but because he treats every person, situation, gig, & job as a real relationship; something more than just "a 'thing' for the time being". For him everything is an understanding. An understanding that's based on knowledge and experience and ability, but also with passion. A passion to make the best art possible

Composer, Producer & Drummer


Simply put...Mark Fuller is a mastering genius! I have worked with Mark on my last two projects and I have been thoroughly impressed with his work. He has a keen ear and tranforms mixes so that they can compete on a larger level in the music industry. His work ethic, professionalism and ability to turn around a project far exceeds any expectation! Mark is the man!

Rapper, Songwriter, Drummer & Tap Dancer

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