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Mark Fuller's career in music spans several decades.  With a formal education in music from the University of Colorado at Denver, later at the Ali Akbar College of Music (studies with Ustad Zakir Hussain & Ustad Alla Rakha), he spent his early years playing in a surreal variety of musical contexts - punk, rock, funk, bebop, prog, musical theater, tuxedo-wearing-casual bands, co-founding Denver’s Balinese Gamelan orchestra 'Tunas Mekar', sound designing for industrial art installations, etc. Years of recording and gigging developed deep musical empathy with a wide scope of music and people.

Over time, writing music, sound design, recording and producing became his focus. Work with notable engineers Bob Drake, Kevin Clock, John Macy, Steve McNamara, Ken Koroshotz and Paul DeVillres and sound designers/composers, Bruce Odland and Mark McCoin, contributed to his growth as an engineer beginning in the era when analog tape was the common medium but digital was on the rise.  During the pervasive emergence of DAW's in the later 1990s, Mark was in Los Angeles running a Pro Tools-based studio for a film company while working on countless indie projects and contracting out as an editor for producers around the city.

Returning to the Bay Area he worked 7 years as Audio Producer at KRCB-FM in Sonoma County where he engineered, mixed, wrote and voiced scripts, recorded and mixed dozens of musical artists, engineered live and pre-recorded interviews via ISDN and worked closely with tech staff tweaking broadcast-processing technologies.

Increasing demand for his mastering work eventually led him to establish Mark Fuller Mastering, allowing him to fully focus on the craft.

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