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Combining analog and digital technologies with diverse musical and production experience we aim to maximize your project's sonics, readying it for delivery to any medium required - streaming, prepped-for-vinyl, video, CD, cassette.

Working from stereo or stem sources we also mix for documentary soundtracks, podcast, radio, audio-for-video and multimedia installations.

Established relationships with cutting engineers and pressing plants help facilitate your record pressing needs.

Apple Digital Master certified.

Rates start at $75 a song, $650 per-album. Once more is understood about your requirements - stems, alt. mixes, instrumentals, a cappella, we quote exact costs.

Check the FAQ for additional information and get in touch!                                

      Processing may include:


  • Equalization, static and dynamic 

  • Left/Right Balancing

  • Compression, Expansion and Limiting

  • Removal of clicks, pops, hum and hiss 

  • Fade-ins and outs, crossfades, segues

  • Sequencing and pauses

  • UPC/EAN code acquisition

  Masters can be delivered in the following formats:


  • Stream/download-ready wav

  • DDP for CD replication

  • Audio CD

  • Wav files prepared for vinyl cut

  • Cassette

  • High quality compressed format (AAC, MP3/4, FLAC) with metadata encoded



707.861.6666 (landline) Sebastopol, CA

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