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Audio Mastering & Sweetening for
Online Distribution, CD/DVD, Radio & Short Films


Mark Fuller Mastering combines analog and digital technologies with vast human and musical experience to help finish your project and ready it for delivery to any medium required. Rates are competitive and vary based on the requirements of your project.  Please make contact for a personalized assessment and price quote.

Finished product can be delivered in any/all of the following formats:


  • Stream/download-ready wav

  • Apple digital master-certified and high resolution provider-ready wav

  • DDP for CD replication

  • Audio CD

  • 24 or 32 bit wav prepped for vinyl acetate cut

  • High quality compressed files (AAC, MP3/4, FLAC) with metadata encoded

Mastering service can include:

  • Equalization 

  • Left/Right Balancing

  • Compression and Limiting

  • UPC/EAN code acquisition and embedding

  • Removal of clicks, pops, hum and hiss 

  • Fade-ins and outs, crossfades and segues

  • Sequencing and pauses


Mark has mastered three full album projects for me, and has really knocked it out of the park. What I really value about Mark, besides the high quality work he delivers, is the open conversation we have--whether it's about the vision of the project, records we love/want to reference, or how loud or dynamic or distorted or thumping a track should be--it's something I don't get in the same way from other mastering folks. And the combination of Mark's obsessive attention to detail and great talent really makes it easy for me to put my trust in him every time.

When Mark Fuller puts his ears on your project, you not only get his his full attention, focused by years of experience, technical knowhow, broad sense of the audio cultural context, and laser focus on detail - but you also receive the benefit of his audio aesthetics, musicality, concern for the full compositional spectrum, the ability to enhance the dynamic arc of your music - the sensibility to bring the colors of the music to fruition through subtle equalization - put simply, he has the touch.

I've worked with Mark on 3 projects so far and have been extremely happy with his work. He is enthusiastic, thorough, conscientious, timely, and very, very good at what he does. 2 of my projects had technical issues with the sound recordings and he vastly improved both of them. He has my highest recommendation!

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Mark Fuller's career in music spans several decades.  With a formal education in music from the University of Colorado at Denver, later at the Ali Akbar College of Music (with lessons from Ustad Zakir Hussain & Ustad Alla Rakha), he spent his early years playing drums and tabla in almost every kind of musical context a person could play. He was a co-founder of Denver’s Balinese Gamelan orchestra, “Tunas Mekar”. Years of recording and gigging developed deep musical empathy with a huge variety of music and people.

Over time, writing music, sound design, recording and producing became his focus. Work with notable engineers Bob Drake, Kevin Clock, John Macy, Steve McNamara, Ken Koroshotz and Paul DeVillres and sound designers/composers, Bruce Odland and Mark McCoin, contributed to his growth as an engineer beginning in the era when analog multitrack tape was the common medium.  During the pervasive emergence of digital audio in the later 1990s, Mark was in Los Angeles running a Pro Tools-based studio for a film company and worked on countless indie projects, as well as contracting out as an editor for producers at facilities all over the city.

Returning to the Bay Area in the early 2000’s, Mark served 7 years as Audio Producer at KRCB-FM in Sonoma County where he engineered, mixed, wrote and voiced scripts, recorded and mixed dozens of musical artists, engineered live and pre-recorded interviews on-site and via ISDN to numerous countries and worked closely with tech staff tweaking broadcast processing technologies.

Increasing demand for his mastering work eventually led Mark to officially establish Mark Fuller Mastering, allowing him to fully focus on the craft.

If you’re searching for mastering services that will be on time, on budget, and sound fantastic, and you value openness to your aspirations, an informed yet flexible musical opinion of what a project could sound like, and a technical sense of how to achieve it, get in touch.




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